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Royalty Free Music Playlist: Epic Sci-Fi!

This is the sound of the robot uprising. Check out this collection of the best hard-edged sci-fi royalty free music tracks in our library.

Step into the future with these aggressively modern science fiction based royalty free music tracks. Fast-paced and glitchy, these songs are perfect for your next electro-uprising film or video game. Setting your action in the dark reaches of space? Got any violent aliens hanging around? Are the robots advancing? These royalty free music tracks have got the futuristic edge you need.

These edgy royalty free music tracks are perfect for creating an action-packed tension feeling throughout your sci-fi projects. Featuring throbbing beats and synthy textures, these tracks are the soundtrack of technology taking over.

If your video project is lacking in edgy futuristic atmosphere, these royalty free music tracks curated from the PremiumBeat music library will do the trick. The PremiumBeat Standard License covers most usage, including ALL web video (Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, etc). Find the perfect royalty free music track below to bring your audience just the right amount of techno-apocalypse, sci-fi action atmosphere.

Here are a few sci-fi soundtrack classics to inspire you as you charge into the future! Then, scroll down to PremiumBeat royalty free tracks that you can use in your projects!

The Terminator (Main Theme) – Brad Fiedel

Blade Runner End Theme – Vangelis


Futuristic Sci-Fi Freak Out!
Fast-paced Royalty Free Music With a Robotic Pulse
  • Robot Race
  • Bouncy and edgy, featuring gritty dubstep elements, building atmospheres and punchy synth drums that create an energetic and determined mood.
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  • Off Limits
  • A dark and eerie introduction leads to pulsing strings, heavy dubstep elements and a driving beat that creates a grim yet determined mood.
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  • People in the Sun
  • A shimmering and bright introduction leads to pulsing synth textures, Dubstep elements and a heavy Dance groove that creates a feel for innovation and technology.
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  • Invasion
  • Pulsing and dark, featuring gritty synth textures, robotic vocals, and a building Dance groove that create a futuristic and innovative feel.
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