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Open Your Next Scene with These Royalty Free Tracks

Andrew Taylor

These evocative, scene-setting royalty-free tracks will effortlessly add impact to your establishing shots.

Establishing shots are vital components of most video and film projects. They help to orient the audience by providing a wealth of information about the scene to come. For example, take a simple shot of a city skyline at night. In a single shot, the filmmakers introduce both location and time without a single line of dialogue. Beyond the basics, a well thought-out shot can also establish mood and atmosphere.

We’ve covered establishing shots on The Beat before. We’ve even created an in-depth guide on how to film your perfect one. But what we haven’t dived into yet is the importance of choosing appropriate music.

Whether your soundtrack operates on a subconscious level or is more in-your-face, music can help sell your opening scene. Try bringing your scene’s setting to life by using a musical style that’s rooted to your specific location. This can even mean using a track that incorporates subtle local textures too, like how the sound of a duduk can enhance a shot of a desert landscape.

Open Your Next Scene with These Royalty Free Tracks — DesertImage via Shutterstock.

The type of the establishing music you choose can act as a form of story foreshadowing too. Think about the tone of your scene to come. Is it romantic, tense, fast-paced? Your music should give viewers a heads-up about what they can expect.

We asked our music experts to curate a selection of royalty free tracks specifically for opening  scenes. It features a diverse mix of both location-specific and mood-setting tracks. And because establishing shots are often aerials, many of these selections make a perfect match for high-flying footage. Take a listen to the collection below and find the track to open your story.

And, if you ever need great establishing footage, check out this handpicked collection from Shutterstock.

Royalty Free Opening Music
Royalty Free Opening Music
Make an unforgettable first impression with these royalty-free tracks.
  • Our Land
  • Building and rhythmic with underlying smooth textures, featuring a peaceful Native Indian flute melody and chants that create a mystical mood.
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  • The City
  • Mellow and grooving, featuring processed trumpet samples, vocal samples and drums that create a chill, laid-back mood.
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