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Light Storm C300d: Aputure’s Brightest LED Light Ever Is Now Available

Michael Maher

Aputure releases their most powerful light ever, and the 300d comes in at a fraction of the price of similar lighting fixtures.

All images via Aputure. 

Building off of the success of the affordable Light Storm series, Aputure has upped their power with their brightest LED light ever. First announced at NAB 2017 (where it won Best Lighting Product), the Light Storm 300d is now in stores.

About the Aputure 300d

The 300d is a COB LED light weighing only 4.6 lbs, and it is comparable to a 2K tungsten. It’s balanced to a precise 5,500 kelvin with 48,000 lux at 0.5m with its reflector — and it’s incredibly powerful and portable light. The 300d has a CRI/TLCI rating over 97, meaning you won’t have to worry about green or magenta spikes.

Light Storm C300d: Aputure's Brightest LED Light Ever Is Now Available — Aputure 300d

The light has a Bowens mount, so you can attach plenty of accessories — including Aputure’s popular Light Dome and new Space Light. With Aputure’s fresnel mount, the 300d can reach 142,000 lux at 0.5m.

Like other Aputure lights, the 300d still allows you to control the lights with a remote control, letting you dial in your light while looking at your monitor. You can plug into an outlet or power the light with V-mount or Gold Mount batteries, so you can use the 300d remotely.

The new light doesn’t just match the intensity of a 2K tungsten light; it does so on only 300 watts of power — meaning you won’t trip a circuit the way you would with other lights. Essentially, you could plug in up to 6 300d lights before needing to hop on another circuit, where you would traditionally only plug in one 2K tungsten.

Light Storm C300d: Aputure's Brightest LED Light Ever Is Now Available — 300d on set

Thoughts on the Aputure Light Storm Series

I’ve personally fallen in love with the Aputure 120d with Light Dome attachment, so much so that I tend to grab that setup over nearly any other light I work with. I can’t wait to get my hands on the 300d as well.

Light Storm C300d: Aputure's Brightest LED Light Ever Is Now Available — Light Storm Series

These lights are so easy to use and move around with. They are lightweight, come with plenty of accessories, and they break down easily into simple-to-carry cases. It makes not only setup but also travel easier. The Light Storm series is the indie filmmaker’s best friend.

The Aputure 300d is available now for $1,099, which may seem steep at first. But compare this to lights with the same type of output that you would traditionally pay anywhere from $3000-$5000 for. The difference is obvious.

You can order the 300d now.



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