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The New Canon C200

Tanner Shinnick

Specs for the new Canon C200 are out, and they’re impressive!

Canon has just released information about its newest addition the their cinema line, the C200. This camera offers some exciting new features and is the first time Canon will offer a 4K RAW internal recording capability. This is a huge level-up in specs for the camera manufacturer.

The New Canon C200 — 1

4K and RAW Capabilities

One of the most surprising features about this camera is its RAW recording capabilities. Canon calls this recording format “Cinema RAW Light.” It utilizes a smaller file size than traditional RAW recording, allowing you to record onto CFast 2.0 cards. These RAW recording capabilities will record fifteen minutes of footage onto a 128GB Cast 2.0 card. This RAW recording option features a 12-bit color space at 24p/25p and also offers a simultaneous proxy recording, while offering an impressive fifteen stops of dynamic range.

Finally, Canon has introduced a 4K recording capability to their entry-level cinema camera. The C200 boasts 4K recording at 150 mb per second. This provides a higher 4K data recording format than its main competitor, the Sony FS5. Another exciting feature is that this camera features 120fps high-speed recording at 1080p, allowing you to capture that super smooth slow motion.


The New Canon C200 — 2

Mechanical ND Filters

One feature I never enjoyed on the C100 line was the manual ND filter tray. The previous knob always felt a little flimsy and wasn’t the smoothest way to switch between ND filters. However, Canon has improved this with the Canon C200. Now, it features  the same mechanical ND filter as its big brother the C300. To me, this takes the camera up a notch in terms of professionalism. The NDs feature ten stops of density, allowing it to shoot in the harshest conditions while still utilizing a shallow depth of field

Improved Screen and EVF

The Canon C200’s new monitor features a new touchscreen option to access the camera’s advanced auto focus features. You can now touch the screen and select the subject you want the camera to focus on. If you had a chance to use the Canon C300 Mark II, you know how powerful these focusing tools can be.

Canon has also announced the EVF-V70, an EVF option about which we know little at the moment.

The New Canon C200 — 3

Updated Batteries

Canon has  updated the batteries of the C200 to the same line of batteries as the C300 Mark II. I would assume this is to support the 4K recording and RAW capabilities. This means that all current C100 owners will have to upgrade all their batteries to the new line.

Form Factor

Canon has increased the footprint size of the C200 to fit almost right in between the C300 Mark II and the C100 Mark II.  The camera stripped down is slightly heavier than its predecessor. The camera comes in at 1.4kg while the C100 Mark II sits at 1.1 kg.

The New Canon C200 — 4

Key Features

  • Internal 4K (up to 4096×2160) recording with Cinema RAW Light or MP4 format
  • Continuous 120fps (maximum) high frame rate with no crop at full HD
  • 15 stops dynamic range (with Cinema RAW Light)
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF with touch control and manual assist functions
  • Dual DIGIC DV6 image processor
  • New touch screen monitor
  • Optional EVF
  • 10 stops of ND density
  • Available July 2017
  • $7,499 fully equipped ($5,999 body only)

The Canon C200 is poised to become the perfect companion to its big brother, the Canon C300 Mark II. However, as a C300 Mark II owner, for me, this camera has many features that I wish my C300 Mark II had. It will be interesting to see how this camera starts to fit into the Canon Cinema line and what future improvements we will see.

What are your thoughts about the C200? Let us know in the comments below.



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