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Video Tutorial: Start Shooting Better Slow Motion Footage

Zach Ramelan

Dissatisfied with your slow-motion footage? In this video tutorial, we take a look at a few ways you can improve the look.

Are you not getting everything you want from your slow-motion footage? The trick is to use props and movement. Things that defy gravity or catch the air are pure gold when it comes to high-speed cinematography.

Powder Power

My favorite element to add to slow-motion footage is dust (baby powder). This looks great for anything sports- or action-related. It catches the air really nicely, and when your subject moves, it trails behind impressively, almost like a ghosting effect.

Slo-Mo Fabric Flow

Video Tutorial: Start Shooting Better Slow Motion Footage — Fabric

All fabrics look great in slow-motion. They catch the air very well and create a liquid motion when slowed down. I would use fabric in a dream-like sequence or if I’m shooting something fashion-related. You can create great a atmosphere by floating it in front of the camera.

Paper Party

Video Tutorial: Start Shooting Better Slow Motion Footage — Paper

Elements like paper, confetti, feathers, etc. look really good in slow-motion. They can fill a scene beautifully while creating a dynamic frame.  My tip is to scatter them across the shot and fill the scene to complement any of your subject’s movements.

Slow Liquid

Video Tutorial: Start Shooting Better Slow Motion Footage — Liquid

If you’re filming a higher frame rate, like 120fps, liquids read really well. Let’s say you’re shooting a sports advertisement: consider covering your athlete with thin layer of water so that it creates subtle water droplets when they move. You can also use water in a spray bottle to create a misty haze that views similarly to fog on camera. It ads depth to your coverage and emphasizes your subject.

All of these techniques are base layers you can build upon to create bigger effects. Take each element and experiment with it until you find the approach that makes your slow-motion sequences elevate your footage.

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