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Breaking News: Sony Announces Nothing — The a7sIII Saga Continues

Logan Baker

Sony stalls on the a7sIII announcement, so we’ll all just keep waiting. However, the successor to the a6500 could be right around the corner.

Good afternoon. If you’re like me, you woke up this morning, rolled over and thought to yourself “Will this be the day Sony announces the a7sIII?” — since NAB wrapped this past week. Or was it two weeks ago? I don’t know. But, there was no announcement or information about the upcoming camera releases from Sony. But here we are today with an exciting announcement. Apparently Sony was interviewed by a Russian website on the status of the coveted camera. Here’s what the interview said:

Taken from the translated interview from Sony rumors:

In order for this camera to become as popular and breakthrough as the A7S and A7SII, serious fundamental improvements must be added to it. My personal opinion is that not all technologies are ready for this. What can be improved in comparison with A7SII?

So, it seems like we’ll be waiting a bit longer. On top of this, it also appears that a successor to the a6500 (presumably the a7000) is imminent. So, here we are yet again with no real information. But, in our camera rumors post from this past Winter, our very own Jack Roberts claimed the coveted a7sIII would look something like this:

  • 8K up to 60fps.
  • 4K up to 480fps.
  • 36.4MP full-frame sensor.
  • Dual based ISO.
  • 4:2.2.
  • 10-bit.
  • Increased battery performance.
  • Improved AI auto-focus.
  • Announced January 2019.

Breaking News: Sony Announces Nothing — The a7sIII Saga Continues

I like the part where he says it will be announced in January 2019. Also, 8K up to 60fps. Good stuff, Jack.

Anyway, we’ll be updating you all when the news finally rolls in on this much-anticipated new camera.

Cover image via StockLite.

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