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Stabilizer Rigs for Run and Gun Gigs

Michael Maher

These camera stabilizers are perfect for when you’re on the run and only have seconds to capture a shot.

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There are times you will need to capture a quick shot without the convenience of a camera crew to support you. For any shooters that do it all themselves, here are some of the best stabilizers to get you in and out of a location in a flash. We are not covering higher-end rigs that require tons of set-up time or multiple users, like the Steadicam, MoVI, or Ronin. Best of all — these rigs can be set up in an instant.

DJI Osmo

Stabilizer Rigs: DJI Osmo Stabilizer
The DJI Osmo is the newest rig on this list. The stabilizer uses DJI’s X3 camera, which shoots 4K video and has a built-in 3-axis gimbal. You can also upgrade to the DJI X5 camera, which has a micro 4/3 sensor and MFT mount. For users with DJI’s Inspire 1 quadcopter, you can attach the drone’s camera to the Osmo handle.

This small stabilizer rig is great for those who have to control all camera settings on their own. You can use the DJI GO App to control the camera settings, and the handle also features a built-in microphone. The system also has custom add ons like a car mount, bike mount, and tripod legs. The Osmo Handle Kit costs $269. The Osmo with X3 camera starts at $649.


Stabilizer Rigs: Glidecam
The handheld Glidecam stabilizer rigs can hold all sorts of cameras. From small camcorders or a camera up to 12 pounds, their line of stabilizers has become very popular among guerrilla filmmakers. You can also upgrade the system to include a body vest for larger shoots. There are multiple professional Glidecam options ranging from $449 – $799. The smaller option for GoPros and phones comes in at $159.

Steadicam Solo

Stabilizer Rigs: Solo Steadicam
The Steadicam Solo has a very similar design to the Glidecam, but it has the ability to be used as a monopod. It supports up to 10 pounds and includes a quick-release mounting plate. You can quickly mount your camera and start shooting in seconds. The Steadicam Solo starts at $499.

Zacuto Marauder

Stabilizer Rigs: Zacuto
The Zacuto Marauder is a foldable stabilizer designed for DSLR cameras. It includes the Zacuto Gorilla Plate V2, which can be attached at two different points. The handgrip can also be adjusted to five different positions. The rig can be customized to add front rods. The Marauder has a suggested retail of $775, but can often be found for $625.

Have a favorite stabilizer that’s not on the list? Let us know what you shoot with in the comments below.