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Video Production and Editing Trends at NAB Show 2013

Clay Asbury

At NAB 2012 the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Autodesk Smoke were the real game changers. Who will be this years game changer/innovator?

NAB 2013

NAB 2013 is just around the corner. Are you going!?

Each year nearly 100,000 video professionals swarm on Las Vegas for the National Association of Broadcasters tradeshow.  Here are my thoughts on trends and gear I hope to see at NAB 2013. I am only listing companies that have publicly said they will be at NAB Show 2013.


Will 2-4K resolutions become more affordable in 2013, and what we will we see from the major providers and manufacturers?

blackmagic Blackmagic Design – Booth: SL218

After Delays due to manufacturing issues, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera is finally shipping. This camera was the darling of NAB 2012.

So, will they show a higher resolution for the Cinema Camera, a firmware update or other new goodies?

sony Sony – Booth: C11001

Sony will be be showing their F65, the F55 and F5 4K cameras, and Super 35mm cameras.

Sony announced a 4K prosumer prototype at CES in January. Will we see a working version at NAB 2013?

Canon Canon – Booths: C3628, C4325

They will be showing their CEOS System of Digital Cinema Cameras/Lenses and DSLR cameras.

Will we see a protype camera with the recently announced 35mm CMOS Full Frame Video Sensor?

kinefinity Kinefinity – Booth: C12813

They currently offer the KineRAW S35 2k camera for around $7000, but are supposedly showing the Mini,  a Super35mm Sized CMOS Sensor Camera.

Will it be as big of an announcement as the BMCC was last year?

red digital RED Digital Cinema – Booth: SL1516

They currently offer the EPIC and Scarlet professional video production cams.

Will they have anything new up their sleeve to excite the legions of RED diehard users?

panasonic Panasonic – Booth: C3607

Panasonic currently offers the popular AG-HPX250 camcorder (under $5000, 10-bit, 4:2:2, AVC-Intra 100 recording).

Panasonic showed a 4K Prosumer Prototype at CES. Will we see a working version at NAB 2013?

digital bolex Digital Bolex – No Booth Info

Will this camera compete with the BMCC for users looking to upgrade from a DSLR that want to shoot in CinemaDNG?

The camera made an appearance at this year’s SXSW festival.  I’m assuming we will see a working camera and their set of lenses at NAB.

Digital Imaging Tech

With the popularity of digital cinema cameras, DIT further blurs the boundaries between production and post.  DITs now have their own agency in 4K london. The times they are a’changing.

colorfront Colorfront -Dot Hill Systems, Booth SL11508

Currently offer On-Set Dailies system and iPad integration (local Wi-Fi w on-set dailies).

They won an Emmy in 2012.  What will they have to show this year?

mediasilo Media Silo – Booth SU10114

Mainly known for their media management tools, they will be showing a Digital Dailies Solution that looks interesting for professional video content producers.

Gamma and Density Gamma & Density – No Booth Info

They currently offer the Mac based 3CP 6.1 system for on-set color correction with file-based cameras. It works with LUTs as well as Color Decision Lists.


With the demise of Final Cut Pro and new options/pricing models for other NLEs, the last few years have been a real shake-up for video editing applications.  Will anything be announced at NAB 2013 that will push one NLE to the top?  In the next few years, who will take the lead in marketshare for nonlinear editing?

adobe Adobe – Booths SL2400MR, SL2401MR, SL2500MR, SL3910

Adobe has a major presence at NAB this year, so I assume we will see a preview of Creative Suite CS7. Will it step up as FCP X is still maturing and AVID is having financial woes?

Will we see their cloud collaborative workflow platform Adobe Anywhere as well?

autodesk Autodesk -Booth: SL3316

Although they are known more for high end apps like Maya and Flame, they’re gaining a wider user base with their updated Smoke video editing and compositing application.

Currently they offer Smoke 2013, as an all-in-one Mac based video editing and effects app for $3495.  Will we see new Smoke features in an attempt to pick up a larger professional user base?

lightworks Lightworks – No Booth Info

Lightworks was popular for editing films in the 90’s, then it was sold to Edit Share and became open source software.

Lightworks is a free nonlinear editing app currently available for the PC. They will be showing a Mac version at NAB.

This is an exciting time for the video production and post production markets. Cheaper technology and a shake up in the leading apps of the past, has really opened up the market for innovation and development.  I’m excited to see what new products come to market at NAB – and how they might effect our industry in the coming years.

What are you most excited to see at NAB 2013?
Share your thoughts in the comments below!