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Video Tutorial: Wave Patterns in After Effects

Evan Abrams

Create awesome wave patterns using this simple After Effects technique.

In this Premiumbeat exclusive tutorial, you’ll learn how create a “stencil-like” wave pattern in After Effects. This tutorial is a great alternative to buying expensive pattern creating plug-ins. The tutorial covers complex shape techniques including:

  • Linear gradient strokes
  • Utilizing patterns create depth
  • Using a shape layer with a repeater
Prefer reading to watching? Check out the full step-by-step tutorial below.

Tutorials such as this one demonstrate a technique that can be applied to a wide array of projects. If you have a unique way of utilizing these techniques please share in the comments below!

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1 Create a new composition. Create a light grey layer.
2 Create a new shape layer. Draw out an “S” curve with the pen tool with no fill. Add a linear gradient to the stroke.
3 Set opacity in the middle to be 100% opacity and the sides to 0%.
4 Add a repeater and set the copies to 100.
5 Adjust the repeater to offset position by 10 pixels on the x and y axis.
6 Add a rotation of 2 degrees.
7 Set the scale to 99.
8 Animate the offset from 100 to – 100 over the course of 10 seconds.
9 Animate the position from 8 to 12 on the x and y axis.
10 Animate rotation from 1 to 3.
11 Animate scale from 101 to 99.
12 Animate the path from an “s”curve to a more simple curve.
13 Fine-tune.