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Meet Voyager, the New Light from Digital Sputnik that Works Underwater

Tanner Shinnick

After making a name for themselves as a light source on Rogue One, Digital Sputnik has just released a new product: Voyager.

All images via Digital Sputnik.

Filmmakers are always searching for the latest and greatest tools to help tell their stories. Nearly ten years ago, the DSLR revolution overtook the industry. Now, we seem to be at the beginning of the LED lighting revolution with exciting new products constantly being released.

The team behind the Digital Sputnik light has just released an exciting new product, Voyager, which features tunable color temperature, hue, and saturation — right from your phone.

Meet Voyager, the New Light from Digital Sputnik — Adjustable

All-Inclusive Design

The voyager units combine the light source, battery, and controls in one compact lighting unit. This is especially exciting if you’re accustomed to carrying around large battery units to power your LED light sources, or running long cables across set to power the units. This could significantly reduce the size of your lighting setup.

As a traveling filmmaker, I’m always looking for ways to reduce the size of my kit without sacrificing quality. The Voyager light is poised to be an excellent way to do exactly this.

Meet Voyager, the New Light from Digital Sputnik — Phone Control

Fully Controllable From Your Phone

One of the most anticipated features of the Voyager is that you can completely control the light from your device. An IOS or Android app will allow you to adjust color temperature, hue, saturation, and intensity without ever touching the actual fixture. If you need to make a quick color balance switch or change the hue of your light, it’s as simple as pulling out your phone. No more running across set to make the changes on the back of the unit. 

The fixture also features two slots where you have the option to slide in your favorite Lee or Rosco filters.

Underwater Capabilities

The Voyager is one of the first lighting units that is submergible up to two meters for up to thirty minutes. This opens an entire world of possibility for underwater lighting. However, this also means that these lights can work in normal wet conditions.

Meet Voyager, the New Light from Digital Sputnik — Submergible

Features and Options

The Voyagers come in 2 ft and 4 ft options. The 2 ft option draws 20 W of power, and the 4 foot draws 40 W.

Meet Voyager, the New Light from Digital Sputnik — Features

Although not on the market yet, the Voyager lights have already been used on some notable commercials and productions. One of the best-known is the WWDC Launch video from Apple. Although they don’t specify which scenes the light was used on, it’s impressive that an early prototype made it on this set.

You can check out the lights at www.digitalsputnik.com.

What do you think of the new Voyager lights? Let us know in the comments.

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