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10 Best YouTube Channels for Colorists and Color Grading

Jourdan Aldredge

Follow these phenomenal YouTube editing experts to master the basics of color correction and color grading.

Wherever you are on your “hey, I make videos” career timeline, working with color can feel pretty tricky. Fortunately, video editors have an internet’s worth of content created specifically to demystify the art and science of color correction and color grading. And, arguably, the very best of that content is found on YouTube.

Here are a few of our favorite tutorial-driven YouTube channels that feature educational, inspirational color grading and color correction content. Subscribe away!

1. Adobe in a Minute

Adobe in a Minute offers several tutorials that run through the basics of working with color in Premiere Pro—from getting started in the Lumetri Color Panel to performing beginner corrections and grades.

As you can probably tell by its name, the channel’s main purpose is exploring the greater Adobe-verse, which makes it a solid follow for new-to-it video editors eager to learn more about Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.

2. Lila

The wonderfully informative Lila has long been one of my favorite YouTube follows. Her channel is overflowing with actionable advice and motivational vibes for up-and-coming video editors, and she’s got entire playlists dedicated to working with color.

If creating custom cinematic looks is your goal, Lila is your queen. Some of her best color content demonstrates different ways to dial in your own distinctive grades (without having to rely on click-and-drop LUTs).

3. André Dyntar

André Dyntar is another terrific YouTube resource for those ready to improve their Premiere Pro color workflow. His travel-vlog-style uploads are as helpful as they are inspirational; he isn’t just sharing gorgeous, globetrotting content captured with his A7III and A6000, he’s also sharing real-world advice for handling color correction and color grading on the fly.

4. Matti Haapoja

With a channel featuring years of high-quality filmmaking content, popular Matti Haapoja has positioned himself as one of YouTube’s best and most-trusted video specialists. Haapoia’s helpful expertise extends well into the realm of color grading. I recommend doing a quick search for “color” on his channel to check out a host of tutorials for grading and correction advice and tips.

5. Steven Van 

Notable content creator Steven Van packs his channel with video editing tricks and techniques. As such, you’ll find plenty of color grading and color correction posts populating his playlists. Beyond that, his channel is a vital resource for folks striving to expand their VFX toolkit. If you’re interested in advanced After Effects VFX tutorials, Van is absolutely your man.

6. YCImaging

One of the most inspiring YouTubers out there for film and video pros, Chrystopher Rhodes (a.k.a. YCImaging) is a valuable resource for anyone navigating the hustle and daily grind of the industry. His channel features a smart mix of tips, tutorials, vlogs, and music videos, all shot by Rhodes and his friends.

As far as color tutorials go, if you like the look and style of YCImaging, you’ll find multiple videos of Rhodes breaking down his personal approach to color correction. 

7. Aidin Robbins

Based in the scenic mountains of the Carolinas, Aidin Robbins offers a fresh look at the film and video lifestyle with a diverse range of tuts, vlogs, and editing breakdowns. For our dime, it’s in his color videos where Robbins really shines, as he’s an ace at constructing unique, beautiful looks both with LUTS and from scratch.

8. Premiere Gal 

If you’ve ever searched for an answer to a specific video editing question, then you’ve likely encountered a video made by Premiere Gal. Her channel is a definitive resource for Adobe Premiere Pro users interested in mastering every angle of the NLE.

With even a quick browse of her considerable output, you’ll find hours and hours of content that outlines the entire color process in Premiere Pro—from novice to advanced. 

9. PremiumBeat by Shutterstock

It is with a mix of humility and pride that we now welcome you to the “toot our own horn” potion of this list. The PremiumBeat YouTube channel has covered color grading and correction topics for years.

From color matching different cameras to grading looks similar to your favorite films to working in diverse platforms like After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve, the PremiumBeat channel has you covered.

Here are a few of our favorite color tutorials, all of them produced in house by creators like you:

10. Shutterstock Tutorials

We also have to shout out the many amazing color tutorials featured on the Shutterstock Tutorials channel. Ranging from guides for using LUTs (plus free LUTs!) to working in Premiere Pro, or even grading on your iPhone, our friends at Shutterstock offer lots of stellar resources designed to help you hone your color grading and correction skills.

And now, even MORE content for colorists! Here are some additional articles dedicated to the many facets of color grading and color correction:

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