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51 FREE Eye-Catching Accent Animation Motion Graphics

Todd Blankenship

With these FREE motion graphics, you can easily add elegant motion and animation accents to your titles and designs in any project.

All motion designers know that the little touches are what makes your work stand apart.

Most of the time, those little extra touches are things like really small details and additional motion in small portions of the scene. These are things that the viewers might not even fully notice but, when added as part of a whole, these accents and animations can really bring your work to a whole new level.

These kinds of animations are not typically hard to do, but they do take time — and they can sometimes feel so tedious that you just skip them. Well, not anymore.

We’ve made a pack of FREE motion graphics that you can use to add little accents of motion to your titles and animations.

This Pack of 21 FREE Accent Motion Graphics Includes the Following:

  • 51 FREE pre-keyed .mov video files with alpha channels
  • Circle animations
  • Square animations
  • Line animations
  • Bubble animations
  • Geometric shape animations
  • Isometric animations
  • Burst animations
  • Squiggly line animations
  • Zig-zag animations

Download the 51 FREE Accent Motion Graphics

Click the button below to download the free pack of 51 Accent Motion Graphics. In the download, you’ll find everything you need to get started. These motion graphics are free to use in any personal or commercial projects. By downloading, you agree not to resell or redistribute these free assets. 

DOWNLOAD 51 FREE Accent Motion Graphics


Circle motion graphics

This free pack of motion graphics includes circle elements of all kinds.

In this pack you’ll find many different styles of circle animations. Circles within circles, circles of circles, spinning circles — pretty much any circle animation you can want.


Square motion graphics

This pack of free motion graphics also includes plenty of square animations.

The same goes for squares. This pack includes quite a few varied square animations. You can layer and mix these together to create some really impressive doodads and modern elements.

For instance, you can create some HUD-style effects with these elements.

Line Pops

Line pop motion graphics

Line pops are a versatile way to add subtle animations to your motion graphics.

These line pops may be the most versatile elements of the whole pack. You can use these on anything. Any time you want to add a subtle hint of attention to your designs, you can throw a line pop or two on a certain letter or shape, and you’ll instantly have a more interesting composition.

Plus Many More…

miscellaneous motion graphics

The free pack of motion graphics includes plenty of other assets.

Beyond the shapes and lines already mentioned, there are so many other interesting free animations to choose from. Squiggly lines, isometric animations, and all kinds of other interesting effects.

Feel free to experiment, layer, and come up with your own combinations of designs.

How To Use These Elements

Using these free accent motion graphics is extremely simple. They will work inside of any non-linear video editing software that supports alpha channels and .mov files. Just import the whole folder and they will be instantly drag-and-drop ready.

Just add them wherever you like. If you want to change the color, you’ll just grab whatever color fill tools your editing software has, and since they are pre-keyed, you’ll have no issues changing the color at all.

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