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7 Tutorials on Improving Your Editing with Final Cut Pro X

Logan Baker

Looking for ways to improve your editing game when you have extra time on your hands? Dive into these seven awesome Final Cut Pro X tutorials.

Mastering any editing program can be daunting. Where do you even begin? Do you shoot footage first? Do you download footage to use? Once you actually open the software, what next? Also, when do you have time to learn something new, much less master a new craft?

Well, I’ve found myself indoors a lot lately, and instead of watching movies and finally finishing Red Dead Redemption 2, I’m attempting to master a few different applications. So, I’ve rounded up seven tutorials that are definitely worth watching if you’re new to Final Cut Pro X — or just new to editing, in general.

1. From Start to Finish

This isn’t your standard tutorial; it’s actually a presentation. But, this guy literally takes you through the steps of taking footage, bringing it onto your timeline, then beginning to edit it. The video covers everything from music to dialogue to light color grading to a brief exporting process. There’s no way you won’t understand how to edit a video after watching this presentation. It’s just good solid information.

2. Learning How to Color Grade

You’ll eventually need to learn how to color grade your projects. It’s arguably one of the most difficult tasks editors face. There’s a blend of learning the craft, following trends, and creating something original. And there’s no denying that mastering the art of color grading can turn a good-looking project into a great-looking project. The way I look at it, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Take the time to learn color theory and how to play with your footage. It’ll be worth it.

3. Nine Beginner Tips for Editing in FCPX

Not going to sugarcoat it: I made this video. But, there’s useful information in here! Final Cut Pro X does take some getting used to. However, once you have a grasp on the basics, you can put projects together quicker than ever. There are a few basic interface explanations, as well as tips and tricks with the tools you’ll find. Enjoy!

4. FREE FCPX Plugins

Whether you’re new to FCPX or a veteran editor, everybody needs and loves free stuff. Your budget will not always be plentiful, and we often come to a fork in the road when funds are low. So, the good news for FCPX editors is that there are tons of free plugins that are actually pretty decent (and don’t look like they were made by your dingus friend), including overlays, LUTs, flares, and titles. Check them out.

5. The Best Paid Plugins

Color Grading Central brings the heat again for FCPX users. Above, I mentioned free plugins you should consider. But, another route to consider — if you’re looking for something a little more hefty to spruce up your footage and you know you’d be using the effects again (but don’t have time to make them on your own) — these plugins are for you. We also rounded up a list of some of the best ones you can check out in the link below.

6. Applying Advanced Techniques

So, once you have the basics down, let’s take it a step further with these advanced workflow tips. It takes a while to feel comfortable enough (while you edit) to play around with keyboard shortcuts, as well as expedited workflow tricks. But, that’s the beauty of mastering the art of editing. Watching videos like this will help you begin implementing some of these ideas as they start to become second nature to you.

7. Adding Energetic Transitions

This is less about the person it’s referring to and more about the process of creating and adding these transitions to your footage. They pull from a couple of other plugins, but the transitions are seamless. This video is also a good lesson in “shooting for the edit” when you’re out in the field. Knowing what type of transitions you want to use will help frame the story of your video as well.

Cover image via Netflix.

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