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Free Epic Sound Effects for Film & Video Trailers

Robbie Janney

Download this collection of high-quality sound effects we’ve curated to give your trailers MAXIMUM impact and achieve that cinematic flair!

It’s the hallmark of every action trailer — driving music and booming sound effects building in intensity and power toward a pivotal climax. With the Trailer Construction Kit (Lite Version) from PremiumBeat, you can inject your own projects with the same high-quality, Hollywood-style SFX. We’ve handpicked twenty hallmark “action trailer” sound effects for this free pack, including sweeps, risers, slams, and intense atmospheres.


Editing with the Free Sound Effects Pack

Free Epic Sound Effects for Film and Video Trailers — Sound Effects Engage the Audience

Sound effects can influence the climate of your scene.

Sound effects have the ability to better engage your audience, support the action we see on-screen, and enhance your music (as seen in the example above). Here are a few quick tips for getting the most out of this free sound effects pack.

Change SFX Speed or Reverse It

Free Epic Sound Effects for Film and Video Trailers — Clip Speed

Sound engineers often manipulate the speed of a sound effect when creating a particular vibe.

Changing the speed of a sound effect — or reversing it — has been a tried and true trick of audio engineers in search of that unique sound, for quite some time. This is especially useful for SFX that build — you may need to speed up the build, but you don’t want it to sound like high-pitched chipmunk squeals. To speed it up, simply right click your clip and select Time/Duration. This is where you can speed up or slow down your clip. If you want to slow it down, lower the percentage — and raise it for faster speeds. With some SFX, you can create really interesting sounds by simply reversing the audio, which can be done simply by selecting the Reverse Speed button in Time/Duration.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Free Epic Sound Effects for Film and Video Trailers — Layering a Timeline

Experiment with layering and/or combining sounds to intensify the mood.

Often, sound effects work best when layered and combined. With trailers, where the sound design may be dense, you may need to overlay multiple SFX to really build out the sound palette. Take a look at how we layered the SFX for the demo video above. Sometimes pairing a riser with a slam, at the end, can get you a really punchy result. Or, if you want a good wave for your trailer to ride, planting some risers next to each other can help amp up the intensity and bring heat to a trailer.

EQ Your SFX for Maximum Punch

Free Epic Sound Effects for Film and Video Trailers — Parametric EQ

Isolate or intensify individual sounds by EQing various frequencies.

Want to bring out the bass in your drum hits? EQ. Putting a simple EQ filter on your sound effects can make them punchier, but be mindful of your levels. You likely never want the SFX to distort, get blown out, or over-power dialogue. To adjust the EQ of your clip, just drag the Parametric Equalizer effect onto your clip and go into the settings. From here, you can lower or raise the EQ bar in real time to get the sound you’re looking for.

Add Audio Filters and Effects to the SFX

Free Epic Sound Effects for Film and Video Trailers — Reverb

When editing, experiment with multiple audio filters.

Most video editing applications have at least a few basic audio filters that, when applied to SFX, can dramatically change the sound and feeling. For instance, adding reverb may make an effect sound more ethereal, whereas distortion may work well for a gritty horror or sci-fi trailer. Experiment with filters to customize the sound to fit the needs of your project. To add a simple reverb effect, just drag the Studio Reverb effect onto your clip, and select from one of the multiple presets it offers. I, for one, tend to use the Great Hall effect on my trailers, since it really adds space and depth to your soundscape.

Using the Sound Effects in Your Short Film or Movie

Free Epic Sound Effects for Film and Video Trailers — Tips for Using Sound Effects

Utilize these sound effects to add a bit more drama to that explosion.

Although we’re releasing this pack as a companion to any trailer you might be making, these sounds are also perfectly capable of creating atmosphere and depth in your actual project. With a slew of slams, risers, and dark atmospheres, they’re a great asset to have in your media browser to liven up an intense action scene or add some tension to a thrilling sequence.

Free Epic Sound Effects for Film and Video Trailers — Add Melancholy to Your Scenes

Use the sound effect to add a melancholy feel to that solemn moment.

Even if you have a music bed in your project already, sometimes layering a song with a riser or slam — at a particularly intense moment — can really add drama and escalation to your video.

Additional Atmospheres for You to Use

Need some more cinematic atmospheres to fill your project? Well, we’ve got a little bonus for you. Recently, during our last Free Week, we released 80+ FREE atmospheres to fill out your sound bank. As always, they’re free to download and ready to get placed in your next film.


This post was originally published on Sept. 17, 2015. It has been updated to reflect changes in the industry.

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