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The Formula Behind Every Summer Blockbuster Trailer + Free Epic SFX

Michael Maher

This hilarious video shows you the recipe for making a blockbuster movie trailer, and we’ll give you the SFX you need to make one.

Top image via Shutterstock.

In this funny piece from Auralnauts, you’ll see the recipe to create a summer blockbuster trailer. With only white titles on screen — and an epic score with a haunting pop song cover — you can imagine nearly any of the big films already released this summer.

Free Trailer SFX from PremiumBeat

The Formula Behind Every Summer Blockbuster Trailer + Free Epic SFX

If you want to build on this recipe with a trailer for you own film, then we’ve got everything you need. Not only do we have the music and SFX to help you score this, our FREE Trailer SFX kit includes all the BWAAAMM, risers, and drum hits you need. 

You can download the FREE PremiumBeat Trailer Construction Kit here. And if you really fall in love with the pack, you can license the whole kit with 56 royalty-free SFX.


By properly layering the SFX, you can create that classic blockbuster sound. Here is a look at our free trailer kit in action, set to the PremiumBeat track “Against the Odds” by Richard Canavan.

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