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352 Free Letterbox Templates for Video Editing (8K, 4K, HD & More)

Caleb Ward

Easily give your videos the cinematic cropping they deserve with these free high-res letterbox templates for video editing.

Despite having the ability to export footage in virtually any resolution, filmmakers and video producers are still limited to showing their work on screens with a very specific aspect ratios. Because of this, you need to export your footage with letterboxes if you want to view your footage in an aspect ratio that’s different than 16:9.

What Are Letterbox Templates?

Simply put, letterboxes are small bars that can be applied to your footage to give them an irregular aspect ratio while still retaining their 16:9 size. Letterboxes can be used to crop footage shot in 16:9 to a more cinematic 2.35:1. They can also be a great tool for pre-visualizing how your video will be cropped on an irregularly sized screen.

352 Free Letterbox Templates for Video Editing (8K, 4K, HD & More) - Free Letterbox TemplatesIn the past if you wanted to drop letterboxes into your project, you had to either download a limited free template or create your own. These options aren’t ideal — so we created a future-proof pack full of letterbox templates for virtually every format in the world.

What’s in the Free Letterbox Template Pack?

Our free pack of 352 letterbox templates includes templates for every popular video resolution in the world, including:

  • HD 720
  • HD 1080
  • 2K
  • 2.5K
  • 3K
  • 3K HD
  • 4K
  • 4K UHD
  • 5K
  • 6K
  • 8K

352 Free Letterbox Templates for Video Editing (8K, 4K, HD & More) - Letterbox Examples

The templates (seen above) can be used to convert footage into the following aspect ratios:

  • 1:1 Square
  • 4:3 Silent Film/NTSC
  • 1.37:1 Academy Ratio
  • 1.43:1 IMAX
  • 3:2 Classic 35mm
  • 7:4 Metroscope
  • 1.85:1 Vistavision
  • 2:1 Panascope & RED
  • 2.2:1 Todd AI
  • 2.35:1 Cinemascope
  • 2.39:1 Theatrical & Blu-ray
  • 2.55:1 Vintage Cinemascope
  • 2.75:1 Ultra Panavision
  • 2.76:1 MGM Camera 65
  • 3:1 Extreme Scope
  • 4:1 PolyVision

All of the templates are available in both black and white letterbox formats.

Using the Free Letterbox Templates

These free letterbox templates are incredibly easy to use and manipulate. All of the files are PNG images with alpha channels. To use the templates, simply drag and drop the appropriate resolution letterbox above your sequence in your video editing application of choice.