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215 Free Motion Graphics, Sound Textures, Social Designs, and More

Jourdan Aldredge

Up your filmmaking game with this mega-roundup of dynamic and unique motion design graphics, effects, and elements — 100% FREE.

It’s just about the end of October, so you know what that means . . . we’ve just wrapped up another awesome Free Week here at PremiumBeat. For those who have followed in the past, or are finding this treasure-trove of goods for the first time, Free Week is all about giving you some truly powerful and dynamic digital assets to take your filmmaking and editing game to the next level.

In the past, we’ve rounded up free motion graphic templates, free cinematic LUTs, free animated typefaces, free film grain overlays, and action compositing elements (plus lots more). And this year is no different — we have everything from hand-painted brush stroke motion graphics to musical textures and atmospheric sound files . . . to detailed social media marketing designs and elements.

‘Tis the season to check out and download some truly game-changing packs of visual effects, motion graphics, sound textures and marketing elements . . . all for free!

These assets are free for all personal or commercial use. By downloading, you agree not to redistribute these assets.

21 FREE Hand-Painted Brush Stroke Motion Graphics

These hand-painted brush stroke animations are a great way to give your videos that extra dose of character and sincerity.

And they’re easy to use — the elements are pre-keyed and ready to go. Just choose your animations, shapes, or other paint brush graphics then drag-and-drop them on top of any shot or composition.

This free brush stroke graphics pack also includes the following:

  • 21 5-second Quicktime .mov files in Prores 444, pre-keyed (with alpha) animated brush stroke graphics.
  • 11 different types of line animations, including thick, faded, dotted, and more.
  • 3 different circle animations with varied looks.
  • 7 various shape and symbol animations, like arrows, Xs, and check marks.
  • A 15% off Shutterstock coupon

Download 21 Free Brush Stroke Graphics

51 FREE Eye-Catching Accent Animation Motion Graphics

Sometimes the most powerful effects to add to a film or video project can be some of the most creative and simple. Designed to be quick to use, these accent animations are a great way to touch up any video with some motion graphics flair.

This free accent animation motion graphics pack includes the following:

  • 51 FREE pre-keyed .mov video files with alpha channels
  • Circle animations
  • Square animations
  • Line animations
  • Bubble animations
  • Geometric shape animations
  • Isometric animations
  • Burst animations
  • Squiggly line animations
  • Zig-zag animations

Download 51 Free Accent Motion Graphics

80+ FREE Cinematic Atmospheres: Musical Textures and Sound Files

As any video editor knows, adding the right music track or sound atmosphere to a video can turn a boring and mundane project into something deep, dynamic, and truly awe-inspiring. While there is always a great selection here at PremiumBeat to check out, we have over 80 free and easy-to-use tracks to share with you here.

Click to download each of the cinematic atmospheres packs below:

50+ FREE Social Media Marketing Elements and Designs

In many ways, the trends in digital filmmaking aren’t going bigger — they’re getting smaller. Creating content for social media feeds over cinema screens might very well be the way of the future. In this “Social Pack” we have over 50 bright and sleek templates, tools, and assets to use in your social media marketing and campaign designs.

Spice up your Instagram stories with 7 templates, which you can fully customize in Adobe Premiere Pro — and check out these social media icon animations and free animated text overlays.

This free social media pack includes the following:

  • 7 Instagram Story template files for Premiere (.mogrts)
  • 6 Customizable text overlay animations for Premiere (.mogrts)
  • 26 animated social media icons (with alpha channel)
  • 21 curated colored Instagram backgrounds
  • 20 titles for adding quick typography to your designs

Download Free Social Media Pack

13 FREE Textured Motion Graphics for Premiere Pro

Similar to the brush stroke pack above, this handy pack of hand-painted, paper-textured, and torn-up graphics is a great resource for adding that extra dose of style to your film and video projects. All of the lower-third animations, title animations, and transitions are fully accessible and customizable in the Essential Graphics Panel in Premiere Pro. Try them out and see how much energy and style they can add to your projects!

This free pack of motion graphic templates includes the following:

  • 13 motion graphics templates for Premiere (.mogrt)
  • The After Effects project file used to create them
  • 7 title animations
  • 3 lower thirds
  • 3 video transitions

Download 13+ Free Motion Graphics

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