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Video Tutorial: Give Your Projects Some Flare with Lucent Warm

Zach Ramelan

Capturing a real lens flare precisely when you want it can be challenging. Add the elements you need easily in post-production with Lucent Warm.

When it comes to shooting my projects, I consider myself a flare chaser. I’m always hunting down the best angle to catch those beautiful sun rays that blast through my lens. The sad thing is that getting good flares can take time away from your shoot, and sometimes they’re just not there to capture in the first place.

Using RocketStock’s Lucent Warm pack, you can get really incredible flares without sacrificing a location or killing time on set as a “flare chaser.” Trust me, this tool is awesome.

After you’ve downloaded and imported the Lucent Warm assets into your project file, find the corresponding Prime Lens flare that matches the focal length you shot your footage on.

Layer your asset over your shot. Go into effects controls, and set the overlay mode to “screen.”

Since the assets are all 4K, you can scale and adjust the flare to fit your footage. If the flare doesn’t match your shot, you can always choose one from a different Prime lens and adjust it using scale and rotation.

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