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Print Your Own Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts!

Jonny Elwyn

Save yourself some time and energy by printing out your own custom Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts.

If you’re serious about getting fast at video editing and becoming a Premiere Pro master, then learning as many Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts as you can is an essential task. Some shortcuts are easy to learn as you end up using them all the time, but extending your knowledge a little further can sometimes be a bit more difficult, especially if you’ve customised your keyboard shortcuts quite heavily.

Premiere Pro Shortcuts- Step One

Thankfully it’s easy to print out a list of your shortcuts, customised or not, from the Premiere Pro interface.

Open up the keyboard shortcut window via Premiere Pro CC > Keyboard Shortcuts or by pressing ALT+H.

Premiere Pro Shortcuts- Step Two

Make sure your custom keyboard preset is selected from the drop down menu. Here you can see the heritage of my own keyboard shortcuts…

Premiere Pro Shortcuts- Step Three

Simply press ‘Copy To Clipboard’ and all of your keyboard shortcuts are copied to the operating system’s clipboard for pasting into another application like spreadsheet or a word processing document. But just be warned, if you print out all of the shortcuts it will take up 18 pages or so!

Premiere Pro Shortcuts- Step Four

More Posts on Essential Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts gif

Over the years there have been quite a few posts written on the PremiumBeat blog focusing on keyboard shortcuts. Here’s a few of them.

Free Adobe Premiere Pro CC Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet

If you want a free keyboard shortcut cheat sheet for Premiere Pro CC 2015  (and several other Adobe apps including After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and more) then Jamie Spencer has just what you need. Click here for a direct download of the Premiere Pro CC 2015 cheat sheet as a high resolution PDF.

What’s particularly useful in Jamie’s cheat sheet is being able to see the layout visually on the keyboard — which is something not even the Premiere Pro interface allows you to do.

2015 Adobe Premiere Pro CC Keyboard Short-Cuts Cheat Sheet

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Got any keyboard shortcuts that you’d like to share? We’ love to hear all about them in the comments below!