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Behind the Sound Design: Nerf John Wick

The team behind the recent viral video walk us through how they created the sounds for the action micro-masterpiece.

Top image via CorridorDigital.

The most recent viral hit from the consistently brilliant Corridor Digital is the instant classic Nerf John Wick. The video captured everything we love about the recent smash action franchise with a twist of childlike wonder. Here at PremiumBeat, we’re big fans of Corridor and have mentioned them in the past for their unique take on tutorials and general filmmaking insight.

They’ve been working on the John Wick video for some time, and the finished product was definitely worth the wait.

There are so many awesome parts to this video, we were hoping and praying we’d get a peek at how Corridor created it, and lo and behold, Corridor’s secondary channel, SamandNiko, has recently uploaded a stellar behind-the-scenes look at how they created the sound design for the video.

Creating the Sounds

For the sound design and sound mixing, the team used Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition. The video breaks down one of the key action scenes, showing how each individual effect and recording contributes to the full scene. The key point is this tutorial’s simplicity. At one point, the foley artist is literally using his finger to flick the dart, creating a impact sound. Brilliant. Corridor are forthcoming about the lack of resources and how a budget is the first hurdle — but that it shouldn’t keep you from creating engaging and believable content.

Gear Used

If you don’t have the money or time to create your own sounds, check out PremiumBeat’s full sound effects and music library.

In addition to the insanely creative sound design for the project, SamandNiko also released a behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating the stunts. Seeing the two leads work out how to maneuver and load nerf guns in a stylish and graceful manner is entertaining in itself.

Their channel is a shining example of how passion and hard work can yield huge results for low-budget filmmakers. Corridor has put out consistently good content for years and continues to push the boundaries of what being a content creator in this day and age can mean.

What are some of your favorite Corridor Digital videos? Let us know in the comments.