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10 FREE Motion Graphics Templates for Premiere Pro (Animated Titles)

Logan Baker

Create eye-catching animated titles with these FREE animated motion graphics templates for Premiere Pro!

Lately we’ve been playing around with gritty, textured animation styles that stand in contrast to the clean, sterile corporate vibes so often seen in design. While we were experimenting with these handmade looks and faux-stop-motion textures, we learned a few new ways to incorporate them into motion graphics templates for Premiere.

And that’s when we thought: Hey, wait a second. We should totally give these away for free.

With each of these FREE motion graphics templates for Premiere, we wanted to include as much customization as possible. As such, every single one features a whole slew of options inside the Essential Graphics Panel, giving you the ability to create a vast amount of unique title animations.

NOTE: To use these transitions, you must have the most recent versions of both Premiere AND After Effects installed. They won’t work without After Effects installed.


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What’s Included with Your Free Templates?

This pack of 10 FREE Texture Title Animations for Premiere includes the following:

  • 10 .mogrt motion graphics template files for Adobe Premiere Pro
  • A folder of fonts to install for looks from the trailer
  • .ae project file for further customization options

What Is a .mogrt File?

Mogrt is short for Motion Graphics Template. A .mogrt file is a single animation that’s exported from After Effects. You can open .mogrt file templates in Premiere Pro via the Essential Graphics Panel.

Download the Free Motion Graphics Templates

Click the button below to download the FREE Motion Graphics Templates. In the download, you’ll find everything you need to get started. These Motion Graphics Templates are FREE to use in any personal or commercial projects. Point your links to this page and let friends and colleagues download from here.

Download the FREE Motion Graphics Templates

By downloading, you agree not to resell or redistribute these free assets.

Use and Customize Your Free Motion Graphics Templates

Motion Titles

Although, technically, there are “only” ten motion graphics templates included in this freebie, you actually have a seemingly endless number of possibilities. You can mix and match different elements and turn backgrounds on or off. You can change the amount of texture, you can change the font, and you can even remove all of the stop-motion effects completely in order to craft a much cleaner, more contemporary look. Go nuts. Get creative. Sky’s the limit.

The Essential Graphics Panel

Essential Graphics Panel

Each graphic will come with its own set of customization options. Make changes to your motion graphics templates (a.k.a. mogrt files) by dragging a template to your timeline (installation instructions below), and selecting it. After selecting it, you should be able to access the Edit tab of the Essential Graphics Panel (if not open, go to the Window tab and check Essential Graphics Panel).

Here, you’ll find all of the specific parameters available for that specific title template. Each one will allow for font changes (install the included fonts to get the looks from the trailer), color options, as well as style controls. The style controls will be different from graphic to graphic, but they should all be organized in drop-downs, making it easier to find what you need.

As you will discover, you can turn off backgrounds, remove certain effects, or make some of them more prominent. Essentially, by playing around with the various options, you should be able to create a wide variety of animations with this freebie.

Using the Title Kit

Title Kit

Here’s an example of a template included in this freebie that has way more uses than you might initially realize.

We noticed that there are a handful of text animation styles that people turn to pretty frequently—sliding, dropping, rising, and scaling in and out. We thought it would be cool to whip up a .mogrt file that makes it easier to create well-animated titles with each of these types of animations. Hence, the Title Kit.

Inside this .mogrt, you’ll find a checkbox for each type of motion, plus all the options you’d need to make it either a standard text animation or a textured stop-motion look. With this .mogrt, you can stack and mix and match the various styles by checking the animation you want (and turning the others off), then laying one text element on top of the other. Endless options, all inside of Premiere.

How to Install These FREE Motion Graphics Templates

Motion Titles

These templates are extremely easy to use and install. Premiere has recently added some new ways to use .mogrt files, which is a welcome change compared to the old method (installing them one at a time, individually).

Installing Folders to Your Library

When you’re inside Premiere, make sure you have the Essential Graphics Panel open. If it’s not, head up to the Window tab and make sure that it’s checked.

Essential Graphics Panel
Make sure the Essential Graphics Panel is open.

In the Essential Graphics Panel, you’ll notice a little hamburger-style icon right next to the tab name. Right-click on that (pictured above), then select Manage Additional Folders.

Manage Additional Folders
Select Manage Additional Folders.

Once there, click the Add button and navigate to the folder where you’ve stored your transition .mogrt files, then hit the OK button. Now, you’ll have the transitions added as a new library.

The transitions are added as a new library.

Just like that, you’re organized. Now, it’s easier than ever before to add or remove folders from your .mogrt library and quickly select styles for various projects.

Dragging Directly into Premiere

You can also just drag your .mogrt files directly into the Essential Graphics Panel. It’s a quicker method, but it’s not as organized.

Just be aware that using this approach will add the files to your local Premiere Pro motion graphics templates folder. That means they’ll mingle in with all the other motion graphics you’ve installed (as well as the stock ones Adobe shipped with the software). Things might be harder find.

Motion Titles

If you want to get a look under the hood at how all of this stuff was made, or make deeper customizations to the animations, we’ve included the .ae project file.

Now, here’s a whole bunch of extra free stuff. Download away!

FREE Animated Gritty Textures

What’s better than hand-made, self-scanned textures? Nothing. Nothing on earth is better than that. That’s why we took every interesting scrap of paper or fabric we could find and scanned them facing in different directions.

Any motion graphics artist will use these at some point—that’s a fact. Textures like this will almost always pop up in trends in some shape or form, and your clients will always want something semi-similar to this look. So, having this on deck will only help your future editing self.

Download here.

FREE Animated Hand-Painted Fonts

Just like the textures above, these animated fonts are so customizable and have such broad appeal, there’s no way these won’t come in handy at some point during an edit.

Whether it’s for a corporate spot, personal project, wedding video, or any type of YouTube video, this pack is an editor’s dream. There are two different sizes in the pack and you can change the color to be whatever you need. It’s perfect!

Download here.

FREE Horror Trailer Titles

This FREE pack of animated titles from Film Bodega feels like it shouldn’t be free. I hate to use the phrase “too good to be true” but, well, here we are.

Not only do these titles provide that perfect minimal “weathered” effect that gives off the mysterious vibe your video might need, but it’s not in your face unlike other title packs. Plus, there’s fog and smoke elements thrown in allowing you to add even more to the titles. You can also tweak the color to fit whatever look you need.

Download here.

FREE 6K Dust Elements

Another banger from Film Bodega, these 6K dust elements are a solid addition to the toolkit of any editor familiar with using overlays or getting into 3D work. Not only is the pack FREE, but it includes a tutorial that walks you through how to comp the clips inside of Premiere Pro.

Again, I know I’ve been talking a lot about the universality of these packs, but this is another perfect example of something you’ll absolutely use more than once. So, make sure to download below, and save it somewhere on your drive for when you need it next.

Download here.

FREE 6K Fog Elements

Okay, I know this and the dust pack aren’t technically “motion graphics templates,” but they are FREE tools that editors can use to create cool stuff, so I included them.

Just like the dust elements, this fog pack is going to add depth and production value to your shots. And, once again, an easy-to-follow tutorial is included.

Download here.

Use Alongside Previous Freebies

With this freebie (download here ) we wrap up our unofficial “Textured Motion Graphics” saga that we’ve been adding to over time. Admittedly, we’ve been on a mission to create the definitive go-to package of options for motion graphics in this style. We’ve now got transitions, textures, titles, and animated fonts, all in this gritty, frame-by-frame style.

Download them all, and mix and match them together. Hopefully, between all of these freebies, you’ll find something that makes your next project your best one yet.

A few more freebies, just for you:

Cover image via Peshkova.