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Free Vaporwave and Synthwave Graphics for Your Next Project

With these cool FREE retro graphics, you can get old school creative and produce your own vaporwave and synthwave animations.

Vaporwave and Synthwave design continues to become more and more popular. If you aren’t familiar with them, check out our tutorial “The Visual Styles of the Synthwave and Vaporwave Video.” This free pack of assets will allow you to dive right in and start creating your own retro loops!


About the Pack

The pack contains thirty plus video assets of Vaporwave and Synthwave video clips. Most of the assets are loopable elements and backgrounds, but there are also some Luma mattes and extra images included.

Vaporwave and Synthwave Free Pack Overview

With loopable elements and background, this pack includes Luma mattes and extra images.

As mentioned, all of the video clips are loopable, so feel free to line up multiple copies of the same clip in your timeline, if you need them to extend further.

Statue Loop

This statue loop is only one example of the assets included in this pack.

Tips and Accessible Effects

You can create even more variety with the pack by applying a few effects to the video clips. Use the Hue & Saturation effect on a clip and adjust the Master Hue Dial to quickly change the color palette.

Change Color Hue

Apply the Hue & Saturation effect in this pack to quickly change color palettes. 

Flip or mirror the footage to change the direction of the movement in the clip. Likewise, you can also Time-Reverse clips to have them loop backwards.

Mirror and Flip

Change the direction of the clip by using the “mirror” and “flip” options.

Use the included Luma matte loops to add additional animation to backgrounds or elements.

Luma Matte

Add animation to your background by incorporating the Luma matte loops.

Add a VHS Look

I definitely recommend adding a VHS look to the retro elements for a more genuine aesthetic. Check out our tutorial for How to Create the VHS Look in Premiere Pro, which includes a free VHS preset.

The VHS Look

With the VHS look making a comeback, this retro element is great when creating that perfect aesthetic. 

8-Bit Video Game Look

Want more of a video game vibe for your creation? Check out our tutorial for Creating an 8-Bit Video Game Look in After Effects. The tutorial includes a free preset that’s perfect for loopable elements, like those included in the retro pack.

The Video Game Look

The video game look is a great addition when applying a loop effect.

Create Your Own Retro Loops

Finally, if you’d like to explore how we made some of these elements, check out our tutorial for Creating a Retrowave Background in After Effects. The tutorial will walk you through creating numerous assets — all from scratch — with no third-party plugins required.

Retrowave Loop

Add a Retrowave background for a cool space age animation.

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