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Intense Trailer Music and SFX for Video Editors

Andrew Taylor

Amplify your next trailer with a collection of epic music and SFX! If you’re a trailer editor, keep this tool kit close at hand.

When you’re editing an action-heavy film or video trailer, the pressure’s on to pack as much as possible into only two to three minutes. You need to establish the story, introduce major characters, and set the tone of the final product — all while getting your audience pumped for the real deal.

An attention-getting soundtrack can tie everything together. Effective music and sound effects can amplify the emotional impact of your trailer and help you create something memorable.

At PremiumBeat, we believe that all trailer editors need a go-to collection of Hollywood-quality music and SFX, so we’ve done the legwork for you. Here is a curated collection of our most exciting, most intense music and SFX for trailers. Plus we’ve thrown in a few awesome freebies.

Intense Trailer Music and SFX for Video Editors Hero

Intense Music for Trailers

Maximize the power of your trailer with this diverse collection of intense royalty free tracks. From pounding percussion to apocalyptic choirs, we’ve got it all. All of our trailer tracks are available for download as a free preview, so you can make sure that your music matches your video before you buy. You can also have a listen when you scroll down.


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High Impact SFX

Nothing ups the ante in a trailer like the right sound effect at the right moment. If you need explosions, gunshots, slams, risers and beyond, we’ve compiled the best trailer SFX of the best from our library.


SFX Freebies

To see what kind of impact the right SFX can have on your trailer, we’re giving away 20 sound clips for free. Download your freebies and add them to your trailer now! Grab the free SFX here.

Footage Assets for Trailers

And finally, if ever you need extra video footage, too — like vintage film reel countdowns or film leaders — don’t forget to check out Shutterstock. Their royalty free video clips could help you add that extra something to your next trailer. You can get some awesome trailer footage assets right here.

Trailer Music Unleashed
Trailer Music Unleashed
High-powered, intense music tailor-made for your film and video trailers.
  • The Apocalypse
  • Building and dramatic, featuring gritty synth drones, urgent strings, Dubstep elements, bold choral elements, and pounding drums that create anticipation.
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