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NAB 2019: Canon Announces its First PL Mount Prime Lens Lineup

At NAB 2019, Canon announced their new Sumire Prime Lens lineup as their answer to fans who hoped to get the “Cooke Look.”

First off, Sumire is prounounced “Soo-mee-ray,” which led me to saying “These lenses are the Sam-u-rai of lenses.” It made me laugh (in my head). I hope you liked it, too.

It’s been a long week already.

Anyway, the lenses are beautiful. Canon’s previous lenses, like the Canon Cine Primes, were known for their sharpness, but many people expressed a desire for a more filmic look with more character. That brings us to now.

The Sumire Lineup consists of seven fast T-stop prime lenses. This will help low-light shooting — as well as creating good bokeh. Another aspect that helps that warm softness we wanted is the 11-blade iris, which is supposed to produce more “rounded levels of bokeh.” The lenses also offer a 300-degree focus rotation angle and consistent gear positioning. These support 4K full-frame cameras, Super 35, APS-H and APS-C.

At the NAB booth, there’s a sign that lists the “qualities” of the lens. This is what you’ll see:

  • Associated with floral gentleness and beauty.
  • Bright T-stops and Canon’s renowned warm energy.
  • Unique optical design creates nuanced look as the lens aperture approaches its maximum setting.
  • Subtly modifies the textual renderings of the human facial close-up.
  • A smooth transition to the fall-off portions of the frame and a pleasing bokeh.

Here’s a picture:

NAB 2019: Canon Announces its First PL Mount Prime Lens Lineup — Prime Spec Sheet

Here’s the full Sumire lineup:

Price: $7,410 per lens


  • Late summer 2019 for the 24, 35, and 50mm
  • Fall 2019 for 14, 20, 85, and 135mm

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