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NAB 2019: Wipster Announces Collaborative Audio Review

AT NAB 2019, the video review and feedback platform Wipster has announced the introduction of dynamic audio waveform review.

This audio upgrade enables video creators, podcasters, audio engineers, and musicians to dynamically share and receive feedback in real-time — eliminating the time-consuming email review process. This will be compatible with .WAV, .MP3, and .M4A files, welcoming a wide range of different creatives to the platform.

Robyn Hough, the VP of Product at Wipster, had the following to say:

We kept hearing how difficult it was for audio producers and video creators alike to share audio for feedback. Instead of simply storing a static audio file and calling it done, we wanted to create an engaging review experience that solves the real problem of getting fast, actionable, and organized feedback.

Wipster has also had this to say about audio review:

Wipster’s new audio review is the first to enable collaboration directly on the waveform, creating an experience that is intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable for teams and reviewers alike. Audio editors simply drag and drop audio into Wipster, and the platform encodes and generates a playable waveform from which reviewers can listen, comment on, and download if needed. The waveform is what makes Wipster’s audio review unique and understandable to collaborators.

These new audio features include the following:

  • Waveform visualization for accurate feedback
  • Time-code accurate commenting tools that are simple and intuitive for reviewers
  • .MP3, .WAV and .M4A file compatibility
  • Version stacking to ensure teams work off of the most up-to-date file version
  • Downloadable uncompressed file option for final file delivery approval

Release: April 16, 2019

Images via Wipster.

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