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NAB 2019: Polar Pro’s New Peter McKinnon Variable ND Filter

At NAB 2019, Polar Pro just announced one of the best variable ND filters on the market, and it’s already selling like hot cakes.

Polar Pro is slowly becoming one of my favorite companies. As with Aputure and Blackmagic Design, it seems they’re doing this crazy thing where they listen to their customers and make products that actually help people. So, that being said, the new “Peter McKinnon” branded filters are, quite frankly, super dope. Regardless of whose name is on the product, if something looks awesome and is a genuinely solid piece of equipment, by all means take my money.

NAB 2019: Polar Pro's New Peter McKinnon Variable ND Filter — Filter and Case

The filter is a fused, quartz glass, variable ND filter with apparently the lowest refractive index currently available. Here’s what Polar Pro has to say about how they made them and what they can do:

Control your shutter speed in ever-changing lighting conditions. The VND Peter McKinnon Edition has laser etched stop indicators which precisely align two fused quartz glass elements to control the amount of light entering your lens. The controlled stop range eliminates cross-polarization and vignetting so your run-and-gun content is produced the way you intend it to be.

The stop indicators are pretty rad, and they can really help you get the shot you want — perfectly exposed and consistent (as all things should be).

NAB 2019: Polar Pro's New Peter McKinnon Variable ND Filter — Rubberized Cover

Also, as you can see from their display at NAB, the cover for the filters is rubberized, adding a nice layer of extra protection to the filter when you’re not using it.

There are two filter strengths available. The 2-5 stop filter runs for $249, and the 6-9 stop filter will set you back around $299. Since they announced these filters only a few days ago, apparently orders have been through the roof. As you can see on the site, the first and second shipments have already sold out. So, get in line I guess? Honestly, I’d be willing to wait. These things look pretty rad, and I’m sure we’ll start to see some reviews and videos in the near future.

Here’s McKinnon himself talking about the new filters.

McKinnon makes a good case for why these filters are different — and why you should consider using them in general. It’s clear a lot of thought and time went into making these things, and at the rate they’re selling, it seems to have worked. Here are the official specs from Polar Pro:

  • Available in 2-5 and 6-9 stop variations
  • Preset stop range eliminates any chance of cross polarization
  • Zero vignetting down to 16mm focal length lenses
  • Pure Fused Quartz ensures superior optical clarity over any glass on the market
  • Includes a DefenderSlim cover for fingerprint-free installation

(Side note, we recently put out a video on using Polar Pro filters for your drone. We’re pretty proud of it, so check it out.)

Top Image via Polar Pro.

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