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Learning Curve: The Simplicity of Using the Easyrig

In this episode of our Learning Curve series, we’ll explore the pros and cons of the Easyrig — its use, its cost, and how it can improve your camera game.

As far as film equipment goes, the Easyrig is a simple device. It’s a backpack with an arm that comes out over the wearer, allowing you to suspend a camera from a tension-mounted wire.

So how easy it is to use?

Easyrig Use

Cameraman Filming with an Easyrig

The Easyrig takes the weight off the cameraman, allowing for more versatile movements. Image via Vol Sht.

The main use of the Easyrig is to support the weight of the camera rig on the wire, distributing it to your shoulders and hips, which allows you to operate larger cameras for longer and with less fatigue.

The model I tried — the Easyrig Minimax — retails for $1,259, but you can rent it in major U.S cities. for around $60 a day.

Assembling the Easyrig

Cameraman Filming with an Easyrig

The backpack-like device and adjustable dials enable you to customize the rig. (Image via Vol Sht.)

Setting up the Easyrig is pretty simple. Each model is capable of supporting a range of camera weights, and it’s just a matter of tightening the large dial on the back so the camera is neither too heavy nor too light for the suspension wire. You can also adjust the smaller dials to customize the rig for your body length.

The next step is to hook the wire around the handle of the camera and lock it down by twisting the second dial. You can then pick up the camera effortlessly, as it hangs (almost weightless) in front of you.

This weightlessness lets you manipulate the camera to get any angle you can imagine, including ninety-degrees straight down. Beyond a light touch to keep the camera in place, your hands are free to manipulate the lens and the camera controls.

I was impressed by how easy it was to use the Easyrig — it really lives up to its name. My only complaint: walking with the Easyrig makes the camera move twice as much as holding it by hand because the wire supported by your body adds a second level of movement.

Easyrig does make a second accessory — the Vario — that isolates the wire movement. However, due to the mechanical sophistication, it’s more expensive than the Minimax itself.

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