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Royalty Free Music Playlist: Hypnotic Electro-Pop

Jessie Hill

Take a midnight drive to this collection of the best moody electro-pop royalty free music tracks in our music library.

These darkly addictive royalty free music tracks are perfect for instilling a thoughtful, pensive feeling throughout your projects. Featuring hypnotic beats and smoldering textures, these electro-pop tracks offer an introspective escape from the rush and pressures of daily life. Royalty free electro-pop can give your project a cool, modern vibe while creating a dreamy atmosphere that’s sure to make you think.

If your video project is lacking in vibe, these chilled-out royalty free music tracks curated from the PremiumBeat music library will do the trick. The PremiumBeat Standard License covers most usage, including ALL web video (Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, etc). Find the perfect royalty free music track below to bring your audience just the right amount of dark atmosphere.

Dreamy, Moody Electro-Pop
Atmospheric Royalty Free Music With a Touch of Darkness
  • Myst
  • Bright and pulsing, featuring warm piano and building synth rhythms that create a confident and motivating mood.
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  • So Sweet
  • Melancholy and groovy, featuring trippy, haunting guitar pulses, poignant strings, and electronic drums and bass that create a passionate, hip mood.
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  • Talking Machines
  • Shimmering and building, featuring dark synth drones, heavy 808 bass, ethnic percussion and an introspective piano melody that creates a floating sensation.
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  • YUL
  • Laidback with a mellow Trip-Hop groove, featuring warm keyboards, atmospheric textures and sparse female vocal chants create a hypnotic mood.
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  • Live A Lie
  • Bright and pulsing, featuring shimmering piano that leads to a driving Dance groove and creates a positive mood.
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  • Leap of Faith
  • Warm, with shimmering keyboard textures, featuring a laidback Urban groove, and light female vocal oohs that create a mellow mood.
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