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NAB 2018: Aputure Upgrades Their Beloved 120d LED

Logan Baker

At NAB this week, Aputure impresses the industry once again by adding a few necessary features to their already-stellar light.

Top image via Newsshooter.

One of the finest lighting companies in the business, Aputure, is known for doing the one thing customers want them to: listen. Nobody knows how these products work and how to improve them more than the people using them every day.

So Aputure has delivered once again at NAB 2018 with the incredible RGB-Panel Light. That thing is bonkers, in the best way. But, they’ve also decided to update their reliable 120d light. Speaking as someone who uses the original frequently, the idea of an improved version is very exciting. Newsshooter met with Ted from Aputure to discuss the light.

So, as you can see, the light is now about 30% stronger, and the controller box and the power adapter are now one unit — instead of the three separate devices that made up the last model’s system. Another update is the dimming power. You can now bring the light all the way down to 1% instead of 10%. This is huge if you’re consistently shooting dimly lit scenes. Overall, Aputure took their previous light, listened to what shooters wanted, and then went to work. Hats off, Aputure. Oh yeah, they’re also planning on releasing a leko lens for the 120d and 300d models that will be welcomed with open arms from the filmmaking community.

Also, there is now a hand brake-style yoke, which creates a sturdier, more secure lockdown for the light fixture —as well as a two-screw mounting plate to keep the light from twisting. Sturdier, brighter, more control. Gimme.


When this light will be available is still a mystery, but expect it sometime this summer with a slightly higher price tag than the 120d.

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