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Royalty Free Music for YouTube: What You Need To Know

Danny Greer

Avoid copyright violation!  In this post, we take a look at using music in online videos – including the benefits of royalty free music for YouTube.  Critical info for content creators!

Music is an integral part of any video – it should be.  It’s important for engaging your viewers, conveying emotion and driving momentum.  But just because a track is ‘perfect’ for your video project, doesn’t mean you’re free to use it.  Chance are, you’re not.

Wondering what kind of music you can use in your YouTube videos?  The majority of commercial music is protected under copyright and over the years YouTube has become more advanced at identifying and flagging users that use copyrighted tracks in their projects.   YouTube can reference the music used in your project against their database of copyright protected songs.  Using this Content ID technology YouTube can track the viewership of your video and actually report that info back to the music copyright holder.  In videos that violate music copyrights, YouTube may run ads over the video (with any payments going to the record label of the copyright music that’s featured).  Further, YouTube can mute the audio in the video or remove the video altogether.  All of these options are less than ideal.

You can jump through hoops trying to track down composers or songwriters for commercial tracks, but this isn’t an easy process.  The composer or writer owns the copyright to the music, while the artist who performed the song owns the performance rights.  The record company that put out the track can also lay claim to copyright for tracks they produce.  In the event you actually get clearance to use commercial music you’ll likely have high fees associated with that usage.  This is just not feasible for most video producers and content creators.

Check out YouTube Copyright Center for more info about restrictions on using copyright music in your online videos.

Royalty free music for YouTube provides a cost-effective, legal alternative.  Once a royalty free music license is purchased you will never have to pay additional fees to use this music in your online videos.  Many royalty free music libraries allow you to use their tracks in your YouTube videos, even if they are being monetized.  This is especially important for YouTube power users that rely on the ad income that their channels generate.  Many pro YouTube and Vimeo users already rely on royalty free music as a stress-free way to get quality sounding music into their projects.  After all, once you spend an incredible amount of time preparing, shooting and editing a project the last thing you’d want is to be banned from sharing it due to a copyright violation.

If you’re looking for royalty free music for YouTube videos check out the Premiumbeat.com library, 1,000s of tracks representing a wide variety of moods, genres and styles.  All of Premiumbeat’s royalty free music is cleared for use on YouTube, Vimeo and social networks like Facebook, and can even be used when monetizing.  Avoid the legal headaches and copyright violations.  Discover the benefits of royalty free music for YouTube – engaging, cost effective and totally legal.

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