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10 Must-Follow YouTube Channels for Filmmakers and Video Editors

Michael Maher

Subscribe to these 10 YouTube channels on filmmaking, video editing, and production. They’re all better than film school!

Top image via Shutterstock / Cinecom.

There’s nothing better than learning about video by watching videos. We’ve already covered 16 must-follow channels that you’ve certainly already subscribed to. Those roundups include all the big names you already know, like Film Riot, Philip Bloom, Ugly McGregor, Sam and Niko, and Cinematography Database. You can find the old roundups here:

But what are the new up-and-coming channels as well as those that may have slipped under your radar? We’ve rounded up ten of the best YouTube channels for filmmaking and video editing.

1. Cinecom.net

10 Must-Follow YouTube Channels for Filmmakers and Video Editors — Cinecom.net

Cinecom is an all-encompassing video production and video editing YouTube channel. Founded and expertly hosted by Jordy Vanderput, the channel will show you tips on using your gear, as well as tutorials for Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Recently, Cinecom has turned out a bunch of fun tutorials inspired by music videos like the camera shake in “HUMBLE” by Kendrick Lamar and this video on creating animated scribbles in Premiere Pro inspired by “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars.

Follow Cinecom.net:


2. Justin Odisho

10 Must-Follow YouTube Channels for Filmmakers and Video Editors — Justin Odisho

Justin Odisho is a machine that puts out a new tutorial every single day. His best tutorials focus on Premiere Pro and After Effects, where you will learn about the most popular transitions and effects appearing in trending videos.

What’s so great is that you can pull off many of the effects he talks about natively without using plug-ins.

Follow Justin Odisho:

3. Aputure

10 Must-Follow YouTube Channels for Filmmakers and Video Editors — Aputure

You may know Aputure for their amazing and affordable lights and accessories, but the company also puts out some killer tutorials in their Four-Minute Film School series. In this series of short videos, you’ll learn everything from lighting setups, cinematography tips, microphone positions, and more.

In this example, you will see the A-team breakdown six shots for filming in cars. Not only to they talk about examples, they show you camera placement with lens suggestions, as well as how to direct your lights.

Follow Aputure:

4. Kai W

10 Must-Follow YouTube Channels for Filmmakers and Video Editors — Kai W

After his departure from Digital Rev, Kaiman Wong has started his own YouTube channel, bringing you his same charm and charisma with uncensored opinions and reviews of the latest gear.

Here you will find out about the latest cameras, lenses, drones, and phones. You’ll also learn some tips and tricks for shooting better video and stills.

Follow Kai W:

5. RocketStock

10 Must-Follow YouTube Channels for Filmmakers and Video Editors — RocketStock

If you read our blog often, you’ve probably seen us share plenty of tutorials from RocketStock. Initially a marketplace for After Effects templates, RocketStock has expanded into video element packs, selling large collections of light leaks, lens flares, and more. Not only do I recommend subscribing to their YouTube channel, you should also check out the RocketStock blog and download their monthly free assets.

Their YouTube channel is pretty heavily focused on After Effects tutorials, of which nearly all use native effects so you don’t need additional plugins. You will learn how to recreate movie titles and VFX — and learn some helpful tricks for better motion graphics.

Follow RocketStock:

6. The Film Look

10 Must-Follow YouTube Channels for Filmmakers and Video Editors — The Film Look

The Film Look is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping new filmmakers achieve the “film look.” Founded by indie filmmakers Rob and Rich, this channel specializes in DIY camera rigs and micro-budget tricks and tips on shooting. They also put together the incredibly helpful series, The Indie Film Sound Guide

In this video, you’ll see how they shoot so many of their own videos using a DIY overhead shooting rig.

Follow The Film Look:

7. kaptainkristian

10 Must-Follow YouTube Channels for Filmmakers and Video Editors — kaptainkristian

Kaptainkristian is one of the best YouTube video essayists. Alongside Tony Zhou’s Every Frame a Painting (listed in a previous roundup), Kristian Williams’s videos dive into history and theory in well-executed short films. In the kaptainkristian channel, you will find fantastic video essays on animation, filmmaking, VFX, and comics. 

This channel currently sits at 25 video essays with nearly 400K subscribers, so you know you are getting quality over quantity. One of my personal favorites is the look behind the animation of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, where you will see incredible behind-the-scenes footage and learn all about the animation process — which didn’t occur until live production had wrapped.

Follow kaptainkristian:

8. Peter McKinnon

10 Must-Follow YouTube Channels for Filmmakers and Video Editors — Peter McKinnon

Peter McKinnon is skyrocketing in popularity with his helpful tips on shooting videos and photos. He also has very helpful tutorials on working in Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Lightroom.

While some of his hacks may seem too risky — you may end up breaking your gear — some tips are really great for the low-budget shooter. He also offers some great topics, like additional gear you will need on location.

Follow Peter McKinnon:

9. Film Freak (Zach Ramelan)

10 Must-Follow YouTube Channels for Filmmakers and Video Editors — Film Freak

Film Freak is the brainchild of Zach Ramelan — a filmmaker, editor, and motion designer whiz kid we are thrilled to have as a PremiumBeat contributor. His channel is a mix of DIY tips, video editing tricks, and more. 

In this tutorial, Zach will show you how to create audio swells for transitions — much like the ones you’d hear in an Edgar Wright film.

Follow Zach Ramelan:

10. PremiumBeat

10 Must-Follow YouTube Channels for Filmmakers and Video Editors — PremiumBeat

You know I had to plug this, right? Here at PremiumBeat, we are seriously increasing our YouTube presence with a ton of new tutorials on filmmaking, video production, video editing, motion graphics, color grading, and much more. We also post about our latest free assets for your to download — like transitions, LUTs, SFX, and wedding video assets.

On our YouTube channel, you will see our staff writers showing you how to pull off some tricks in Premiere Pro, After Effects, and FCPX. You’ll also see plenty from our great contributors. Mark Vargo, ASC can show you how to tie knots and coil cablesLewis McGregor offers up tips on practical lighting setupsJason Boone can offer the latest workflow tips for video editors. We try to cover everything you need.

Follow PremiumBeat:

Did we leave off your favorite YouTube channels? Let us know in the comments.

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