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29 Free LUTs for Video

Logan Baker

These FREE LUTs are perfect for professional video editors. Make your footage more cinematic with these free color grading tools.

I think it would be fair to say that the LUT boom is somewhat over. From 2016 to early 2020, if you were remotely interested in filmmaking, you would’ve likely been targeted ads to buy the latest LUT package that would emulate the look of your favorite film or filmmakers.

However, and more recently, we’re not seeing LUTs dominate our social feeds, and I’d wager it’s because once you’ve found the LUT that works with your camera’s color science—and, in particular, the workflow and look you want—there’s no need to buy more LUTS.

Additionally, I’d equally wager it’s because many outlets have given away their secret sauce for free. Why buy LUTs when there are some similarly great options available for free?

With that, today we’ve listed some of the best free LUT downloads you can acquire. Whether a professional colorist or a novice filmmaker, these free LUTs are perfect for giving your video footage a cinematic look.

Check out the video below on how to use all of these free LUTs. It walks you through how to work with LUTs in your NLE and shows you how they can change the entire look of your footage.

This updated list now contains 32 free LUTs, but more than that, we added a bonus list of 72 more FREE LUTs and presets at the end of this article so that you have even more creative options for grading your footage. Keep scrolling to find all the download links.

1. Ground Control Color: 13 Free LUTs

Type of LUTs: Conversion and stylistic LUTs

Ground Control Color specializes in creating color LUTs for various cameras and recording formats. In addition to having a pretty impressive series of products, they also give away a great selection of thirteen free LUTs for video editors.

From the “Free LUTs” page, users can download ten free conversion LUTs and three stylistic color LUTs.

Video still of a woman in dimly-lit room reaching for a vintage lamp
Video still from Ground Control Color FREE Sony S-Log 2 to Rec.709 LUT Pack.

2. Juan Melara: 4 Free LUTs

Type of LUTs: Print LUTs that can double as stylistic LUTs

LUTs aren’t just used to stylize footage. Often, they’re used as a tool for color correction to make sure your colors are displayed accurately for different formats.

This free LUT pack from Juan Melara is intended to help you accurately color correct your footage for printing on film stock. If you don’t plan to send your footage to print, these free LUTs will add subtle stylization to your footage.

This video—created by Melara—shows his free LUTs in action. Notice how the colors are more subtle than the other LUTs on this list.

This free LUT pack is fantastic if you’re trying to create a modern-style cinematic color grade. Melara also has a really detailed article covering these LUTs to make a beautiful color grade.

Some of these LUTs are also offered as DaVinci PowerGrades. They work in the same way as LUTs by color correcting your footage, but you’ll have more control over specific components of the PowerGrade.

3. Color Grading Central: 7 Free LUTs, Color Presets, and Grains

Type of LUTs: Stylistic LUTs

If you’re an aspiring colorist, or a video editor who takes color seriously, you really should know about Color Grading Central. CGC specializes in all things color grading.

From grain to LUTs, their website is a good place to find a lot of excellent color-related products. They also happen to give away a lot of free color grading resources to their email subscribers. Some LUTs also have free samples available, so you can test them out before you buy.

In addition to giving away seven free color LUTs, they’re also giving away an assortment of color presets, grains, and burns just for their email list.

If you like giving your footage a shot-on-film look, I highly recommend checking them out.

Color grading example with a portrait of a senior man
Video still from Color Grading Central Motion Picture Film LUTs.

4. SmallHD: 7 Free LUTs

Type of LUTs: Stylistic LUTs

If you aren’t already familiar with SmallHD, the company primarily focuses on creating some of the best portable on-set monitors in the world. They also give away free LUTs for real-time on-set monitoring.

This free pack of Movie Look LUTs gets its inspiration from seven modern films, including the warmth of Apocalypse Now and the green overtones of The Matrix.

If you want to give your footage a dramatic and cinematic feel, take advantage of this free LUT pack from SmallHD.

Rows of identical images of a person on a motocycle in various color grades
A sample of the free “Movie Look” LUT pack from SmallHD.

5. Frank Glencairn: Free Vintage LUT

Type of LUT: Emulation LUT

Despite having the latest filmmaking technology at our fingertips, there’s just something about a vintage film look that looks amazing.

Frank Glencairn has created a cool K-Tone LUT designed to emulate the style of vintage Kodachrome film. Once used widely by photographers and filmmakers, this film grade lost favor to the rise of digital cameras.

Now you can mimic the look with retro-looking red, blues, and yellows using this free LUT.

A man walks through an old recycled book store
An example of a classic film style color grade.

BONUS: 92 More Free LUTs and Color Presets

1. Shutterstock Tutorials: 13 Free LUTS

Shutterstock Tutorials gives away a ton of freebies throughout the year. And, a quarter of the way into 2021, they released this set of stylized LUTS.

There are various LUTs for all situations included in this download. From a crisp, blue morning scene to a lush, green forest, there are different looks for most occasions in here. As with most LUTs, many of these looks are based on movie scenes or film stocks.

The creator, Todd Blankenship, said,

I built these LUTs as I was working on a few different projects, so the colors were developed for specific scenes. They were primarily added onto footage from the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, so if you’re using Blackmagic color science, the LUTs shouldn’t need much tweaking.

When added onto other Log curves (F-LOG, C-Log, S-Log, etc.), you may find that you’ll need to turn down the intensity of the LUT, or tweak some other settings, to get it sitting just right. Just experiment with them yourself and see what looks you can get.

– Todd Blankenship

2. Lutify.me: 7 Free Luts

Type of LUTs: Stylistic LUTs

Ok, so the LUTs included in this bundle require a few additional steps to download. Lutify requires you to sign up for the LUTs Previewer 14-day trial.

The good news is, you can sign up, download the LUTs, then cancel. Or hey, who knows, you may even like their software offering and stick with the program.

Man stands at his desk working over papers in front of giant office window
Sign up then cancel. Or maybe keep it for the long-run. Image via Lutify.me.

Included in the bundle are:

  • Heulandite teal and orange LUT
  • Hilutite teal and orange LUT
  • Hiddenite dark and cold LUT
  • Hypersthene Kodachrome-inspired LUT
  • Hackmanite cross process-inspired LUT
  • Herderite instant film-inspired LUT
  • Howlite cross process-inspired LUT

It’s important to note that on a professional level, LUTs are usually designed with the DP and colorist to hone in the overall look of the film. With that, there will usually be a consistent theme with the lighting and costume throughout the film, which you can work with.

When you buy or download a set of LUTs, if they’ve been created for a specific look against footage that has been illuminated and shot in a certain style, you may not obtain the same results. In fact, you may find the LUTs degrade your original media.

Therefore, what you’ll like about Lutify.me is that within their free LUTs page, they have a star rating system that promotes the best use of the downloaded LUTs.

LUTs rating system page

Now, you have an advantage when it comes to knowing what LUTs to use when you reach that stage of post-production.

35 Free LUTs from RocketStock

Type of LUT: Stylistic LUT

Head over to RocketStock for a wide variety of LUTs for vintage or cinematic looks. They’re easily customizable in any NLE for the excellent color grade.

  • Vintage LUTs for faded and film looks
  • Cinematic LUTs for bold color and dark shadows
  • Standard LUTs for soft color

17 Free LUTs for LOG Footage from PremiumBeat

Type of LUT: LOG Footage LUT

The Wanderlust pack of free LUTs comes with presets inspired by travel and travel footage. With various color grading styles, you can choose your path from seventeen options.

20 Free Color Presets for After Effects from PremiumBeat

Type of Preset: Stylistic color preset

While not technically a color grading LUT, these twenty free presets from right here on PremiumBeat are perfect for giving your footage a vintage look. The presets are designed to work with After Effects, so if you’re working on a motion graphics or video editing project in Adobe, these free presets are perfect for you.

Everybody likes free stuff. That’s why we’re constantly making new free assets for you and your projects. Check out our latest:

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