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Make Your Cuts Shine with Royalty-Free Transition Music

Give your edit more depth and polish by using royalty-free transition music over your cuts.

Flicker cuts, time ramps, whip pans — there are seemingly infinite effective visual transitions available to videographers grinding away in the editing suite. All of these techniques are pretty slick on their own, but you can easily increase the effectiveness of any transition by incorporating sound.

In addition to layering narrative audio and artfully employing sound effects, using transition music over your cuts and scene changes can quickly boost production value and a professional sheen to your final product.

While it’s perfectly reasonable to simply trim a song down to a little snippet that lines up with the onscreen action, there’s a fast and easy song-hack you can use to transform your transition music into something a bit flashier. Our own Zach Ramelan explains:

If you want to try Zach’s technique yourself, explore the curated transition music playlist below. We combed the PremiumBeat royalty-free library to find tunes with endings that lend themselves to accomplishing this trick. And with full songs priced at $49, each with loops and short clips, experimenting with these transition tracks won’t break your bank!

Header image via azur13.

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Video Transition Tracks
Video Transition Tracks
Add some style to your transitions with this curated list.
  • Mount Royal
  • Atmospheric and hopeful, featuring grooving synthesizer, synth bass and programmed drums that create a hip, reflective mood.
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  • Midnight City
  • Pulsing and bright, with electro pop elements featuring shimmering synthesizer and vocal samples to create a euphoric and celebratory mood.
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  • Midterms
  • Bright and confident, featuring grooving synthesizers, bass, vocal chops, and beats that create a proud, feel-good mood.
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