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Slinky, Smooth, and Slow: A Sensual Royalty-Free Music Playlist

Create intimate ambiance, stir things up, or slow things down in your next project with these sensual royalty-free tracks.

Whether you’re picking a soundtrack for a photo slideshow, heating up your sizzle reel, shooting the fifty-first shade of gray, or even working on a wedding video, slipping in some sensual music is the perfect way to steam up or slow down your project.

As you’ll hear in the playlist at the bottom of this post, sensual music is unhurried and intimate. It suggests pleasure, and it works to soothe the body and mind. It’s dark, winking, gratifying, and, yeah, it’s sexy. It speaks to the wholeness of an experience and can help with contextual heavy lifting by creating tension, release, and expectation.

One of the benefits of a sensual soundtrack is that there’s no hand-wringing; you know when your project demands it, and you know when it doesn’t. If you’ve been hired to produce a web video for a yoga studio or day spa, obviously “Chase the Clown” by Sergei Stern, while definitely a quality track, probably isn’t going to cut it.

Slinky, Smooth, and Slow: Sensual Royalty-Free Tracks - Candles

Image via Africa Studio.

Ultimately, no matter what you’re shooting, when it’s time to choose music for those softly lit intimate scenes that pop up from time to time (looking at you, Top Gun), scenes that need to communicate a connection between people in private personal moments, the ambiance and atmosphere offered by a sensual song is sure to satisfy your needs.

Explore the playlist below to find a suitable slow jam for your next video project. It’s packed with sexy, seductive, sensual tracks that you can use in perpetuity with a simple $49 Standard License.

Cover image via Nikita TV.
Header image via Versta.
Playlist header image via AlessandroBiascioli.

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Sensual Music
Sensual Music
Electrify your project with slinky slow jams.
  • Natural Touch
  • Laid-back and relaxed, featuring soothing keyboards, floating vocal samples, and bouncy beats creating an ethereal and dreamy mood.
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  • Ingenue
  • Groovy and dreamy, featuring gentle French female vocals, electric guitar, bass, piano, and drums that create a longing, hopeful mood.
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  • Modular
  • Floating and contemplative, featuring grooving piano, synthesizers, electric guitar, and drum machine beats that create a mellow, reflective mood.
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  • Handsome Devil
    By Gyom
  • Warm and sultry, featuring slick electric guitar, pizzicato strings and a punchy drum machine that creates a bold, sexy mood.
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