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Choice Cuts: Check Out July’s Best New Royalty Free Music

Energize your video projects with our favorite new royalty-free tracks.

Pop in your earbuds and explore a brand-new batch of bouncing beats, blistering rockers, and breezy ambient tracks. Don’t think of this as a simple invitation to hear the latest additions to our royalty-free music library — consider it a chance to experience the freshly submitted sounds that moved and inspired our curation team the most in July. We’re pumped about these tracks, and we’re excited to finally share them with you.

This month’s playlist leads off with “Panther” from Harrison Amer, a propulsive tribal/trap banger that’s perfect for a high-energy montage or establishing shot. It’s loaded with momentum-building percussive energy that firmly and clearly states, “All right, it’s go time. Let’s do this.

Choice Cuts: Check Out July's Best New Royalty Free Music - drums

Image via guruXOX.

If you’re looking to make a statement a little closer to “All right, it’s go time. Let’s party,” take a listen to “That’s Right” by Pop Villains. This track is legit funk, with ripping horns dancing atop a solid, strutting groove. There are some serious Morris Day and the Time vibes going on with this one.

Here’s another highlight: “Back in 80s” by Denis. This is on-the-nose, retro-synth authenticity at its finest. While the song might be a little too playful for your Stranger Things homage, it’s certainly tubular enough for all of your other throwback needs.

Choice Cuts: Check Out July's Best New Royalty Free Music

Image via lolostock.

In addition to these noteworthy tracks, you’ll hear staff-picked songs that cover just about any mood you can think of — pomp and circumstance, doom and gloom, peace and love . . . you name it. Be the first on your block to use one of these vital new releases with a simple $49 Standard License that lets you use the track in as many of your videos as you want. In the meantime, all right. It’s go time. Let’s explore July’s best in the playlist below.

Cover image via Indigo Photo Club.
Header image via Soifer.
Playlist header image via BrAt82.

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July's Fresh Tracks
July's Fresh Tracks
Check out this month's latest and greatest tracks.
  • The Key of Z
  • Lush and atmospheric, with electronic ambient and new age ethereal elements featuring hypnotic synthesizer, piano, and female oohs aahs to create a wondrous and magical mood.
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  • Back in 80s
  • Bright and bouncy, featuring an 80's synth pop dance feel, rhythmic synth and heavy synth drums that create an enthusiastic mood.
  • Buy track
  • The Reason
  • Bouncy and cool, with dance / techno house elements featuring content synthesizer, electric guitar, and vocal samples to create a warm and optimistic mood.
  • Buy track
  • The Real Deal
  • Punchy and bold, with hip hop rap elements featuring sleek flute, vocal samples, and synthesizer to create a cool and confident mood.
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  • No Good
  • Laidback with a Blues shuffle feel, featuring sultry female lead vocals, electric guitar and organ that create a longing mood.
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  • Migrate
  • Shimmering and gleaming, with electro pop elements featuring soaring synthesizer, female oohs aahs, and piano to create a blissful and optimistic mood.
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