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Industry News: Introducing RED’s New GEMINI 5K S35 Sensor

Logan Baker

For their latest trick, RED brings us a new 5K sensor, while introducing two sensitivity modes with improved low-light performance.

Cover image via RED.

RED’s new camera sensor comes in its familiar EPIC W body but packs a powerful new low light punch with its improved 5120X3000 size. However, the biggest attraction is the dual ISO capability, offering users more freedom to toggle back and forth as you move from day to night. While I doubt this’ll shake up the film industry, it could mean RED’s other models come down in price. We’ll see! Let’s take a look at this beast.

“If resolution is important, the HELIUM 8K S35 sensor, recipient of the highest DxOMark score ever, allows content creators everywhere to deliver ultra-detailed still and motion images. If flexibility or performance in low-light is key, GEMINI 5K S35 sets new standards in versatility and shadow detail.”—RED

Low light mode is like shifting your total dynamic range down two stops. In the video, we see 3200 ISO with the new sensor just as clear as images exposed in Standard mode at 800 ISO. So there’s the real kicker with this camera: low light performance. This could be a real problem-solver for professionals consistently shooting in low-light settings. We’ll see.

Here are the specs.

  • New 5K S35 sensor.
  •  15.4 Megapixel Dual Sensitivity CMOS Sensor.
  • Seamless switching between Standard and Low Light modes.
  • Improved Dynamic Range.
  • Ships with IPP2.
  • 5K up to 96 fps Full Format.
  • 4K up to 30 fps and 2K up to 120 fps using ProRes or Avid.
  • Simultaneously record REDCODE plus ProRes or Avid.
  • Up to 275 MB/s write speeds.
  • Interchangeable lens mount.

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