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Royalty-Free Soundtrack Suggestions for Vloggers

Looking for the perfect soundtrack for your vlog? We asked our music team for their suggestions — here’s what they said.

Vloggers: our hats are off to you for putting yourself out there. Whether you’re sharing footage from a recent trip to a faraway land, showing off your favorite recipe, offering game tips, or just giving the world a glimpse of your day to day, the right soundtrack is vital for keeping your viewers glued to the screen.

We looked at some of the most common types of vlogs and asked our music team to match them with genres and moods from our music library. You’ll find their very favorite choices at the end of this post in a vlog music playlist that features quirky jazz, cinematic anthems, face-melting rock, lo-fi beats, and more.

Travel Vlog Soundtrack: Adventure/Discovery Music

These epic, inspirational, enthusiastic tracks are rich with chill atmosphere and free-spirited attitude, and they’re the perfect choice for making your travel vlogs feel more cinematic. If you’re letting your audience see the world through your eyes, positive, fun, upbeat songs can help them feel like they’re along for the ride and having the time of their lives.

Gaming Vlog Soundtrack: Aggressive Dubstep Music

Royalty-Free Soundtrack Suggestions for Vloggers - Gamer

Image via Anton27.

Intensity is key for gaming videos. You’ve put in the time and worn your fingers to the bone, so give your viewer a sense of the grind with glitchy, abrasive, uptempo drops and beats. Hard-charging music can give gameplay footage Hollywood blockbuster vibes — and keep your subscribers on the edge of their seats.

Food Vlog Soundtrack: Cheerful Folk-Pop Music

If you’ve got a hunger to share your culinary videos with your fellow foodies, make cheerful folk-pop your secret ingredient. The sounds are light, breezy, and fresh, hopping along with enough quirky energy to keep your audience attentive and engaged. Just like yourself, we’d hate for anyone to miss one of your perfectly executed knife moves.

Take Over the Vlogosphere

Of course, there are as many kinds of vlogs as there are genres of music. If you’re a beauty vlogger, a slick, sophisticated Fashion/Lifestyle soundtrack will complement your tips, tutorials, and look-books nicely. If you’re sharing gym routines, yoga poses, or fitness training clips, look no further than the pulsing, steady-moving motivational beats in our Aerobics/Workout collection.

You’ll find examples of every genre and mood linked above in the playlist below, and every song you’ll hear is yours in perpetuity with a simple $49 Standard License. Pick one out, and show us what you’ve got!

Cover image via Jacob Lund.    . 
Header image via Daxiao Productions
Playlist header image via Have a nice day Photo

Looking for more royalty-free music playlists? Well, you’re in luck!

Soundtracks for Vlogs
Soundtracks for Vlogs
Give your videos personality with a perfectly "you" track.
  • The Reason
  • Bouncy and cool, with dance / techno house elements featuring content synthesizer, electric guitar, and vocal samples to create a warm and optimistic mood.
  • Buy track
  • Rockfall
  • Heavy and punchy, with rock heavy metal elements featuring aggressive electric guitar and drums to create an exciting and empowering mood.
  • Buy track
  • Moruga Beach
  • Bouncy and sunny, with reggae Island elements featuring celebratory electric guitar and horns to create an upbeat and animated mood.
  • Buy track
  • Dark Prism
  • Driving and bouncy, with dance / techno breakbeat elements featuring determined synthesizer, vocal samples, and trumpet to create an urgent and empowering mood.
  • Buy track
  • Jackhammer
  • Bold and boomy, featuring bright synthesizer, flowing kalimba, synth bass and trap style synth drum beats that create a powerful, confident atmosphere.
  • Buy track